Monday, November 21, 2011


Feeling so blessed today!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful and happy Monday today.

Watching my two neices, Bella Rose and Brylee Grace this morning and was remembering the wonderful bonding moments I had with my baby 11 years ago....waking up to smiles while cherishing the many bonding moments while she nursed and cuddled.  I am always amazed at the beauty God has created in these intimate moments as well as the beginning of life and the entire journey of 9 months in the womb. 

Today I am grateful for my family and the wonderful memories I have with my siblings while growing up; and as adults.  I love and cherish my two sisters more than ever now that I am a mom and they are too!  I love my brother but the bonding iwth him is different although as growing up only 13 months apart we were much closer and shared many more things together and with our mutual friends and sports. 

I am going to start my "One Thousand Gifts" journal today with hopes to capture in writing everything that I am thankful for and cherish today and in my past.  One thing I have taken from Ann Voskamp's book is her vibrant and descriptive entries and it has inspired me to really think more deeply about why these things mean so much to me and why I consider them gifts I am thankful for today.

I wanted to share a blog I happened upon this weekend, Sunshine Promises and the story one woman is taking time to share with us women.  If you have time I would encourage you to stop by, you will definitely be more grateful for life and one with your children. 

It is a short week, one I am grateful for and although I am off from school starting on Wednesday I am curious to see how working in retail this holiday season will be for sure.  I love working at Mardel, a christian and teacher store here in Hurst, Texas for many reasons but I am not sure what to expect on Black Friday.  Heck I don't even shop on that day myself but I know God has placed me at this new job for many reasons so I am going to have fun and enjoy it!!

MADE with love, Make a Difference With Love the reason someone smiles today!!


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