Monday, June 4, 2012

A-Mazing Monday - Love a New Day and Week!!

So after taking down thousands of pictures this past Friday and having my laptop cleaned up, I am able to reconnect with the world!!!  Woohooooooo!!!!

It has been 3 long months since last writing and there is much to share.

Demi has graduated from 6th grade and elementary school and is so excited about Junior High.  It is bitter sweet as she leaves behind so many wonderful memories and friends as she embarks on a new journey filled with new memories and friendships.  

Her new journey has already begun with her trying out for the gymnastics team.  She made it!  She wants to try out for cheer but she has to wait for 8th grade so we thought this would be a great way to stay in shape and make some new friends. She also tried out for band and will be playing the flute. 

She completed her first year with Cheer Rex and loved every second it!  She has just mastered her back handspring from a running roundoff stance (can you tell this was not my thing?  haha).  So proud of her and the effort she puts in at every practice as well as in spare time.  I think she was born to cheer unlike her mom.  LOL

It has been a whirlwind of a spring for me, working 3 jobs all of which I love and enjoy except the 15 hour days.  With the grace of God I have been able to maintain the pace at my age despite being pre-menopausal(sp) (this is another beast within itself,  LOL).  The only drawback is the countless hours and time away from Demi.  I am praying that God will open some new doors soon so that I can be here for her more and start working on my dream of being FABULOUS @ 50!!  It is amazing the guilt a parent feels for so many things but it is something I need to do to sustain life for us at the time.  She is an amazing young lady who just goes with the wind, thank goodness and never complains which does make it easier.  Without my mom and a few friendo and sister helping me with Demi with school and cheer, we could and would not have been able make this happen for the past year.   We are so blessed and all the thank you's does not seem enough.  The phrase "it takes a village" is being lived out by us as I am always saying these days about children and raising them.  I don't know about you, but this certainly fits us.  I am on the other end of this since I have been on the giving side of this for so long.  I miss it but know this is only one season and it has certainly shown us how much we are loved.  If only others knew the love of God, family and friends as we do.   

Summer is here already, can you BELIEVE it? Time flies and the older you get the faster it goes too!  Lots planned with church camps, gymnastics camp, drama camp, reading goals and cheer practices weekly.   Although all these things will be fun, it  will be our community service projects that will bring
us the most joy by being able to share God's love with others who may not know
His love.

So blessed to have some down time to enjoy some activities with my angel while she still wants to with her mom.  I am looking for one or two new projects to do with her this summer in our community if you have any ideas.  Is this something you do with your kids? 

I am going to take a lil time today to scoot around the blogs to see what everyone has been up to the last few months and hoping to get back scrapping this summer!!!!! 

Remember to hug those you love and find a way to make the world a better place today by one deliberate/intentional act of love!!!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

You've been busy!! CONGRATS to Demi!!