Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day 2013 and the Hope of Creating True Freedom ~

As I am reading the blog I am realizing how my lifestyle of clutter and disorganization in my bedroom/home is keeping me from the things that are really important to me such as relaxing in my own space and where I call home until my situation changes and I have a new full time position.  I have been surviving the last 2 years and working an average of 4 days of 15 hours with another 3 days of work which have easily added up to more than 60 plus hours of work with no vacation.  I am so ready for my life to change and at some point, will come back to share my story, the challenges and triumphs which have been many over the last 4 years when the economy took a turn in a direction I never saw coming as a self employed single mom raising my daughter completely on my own.

I am posting another blog here that I am interested in reading further in hopes that I can continue to take steps in the direction of clearing a path for the AMAZING things God has planned for my life:

Don't be surprised to find a few more posts soon relating to these ideas and again, if you have any to share that would help please feel free to post and link them here.  Love women helping women <3 p="">

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