Monday, May 18, 2009

I am thankful....

Morning friends!!

Today I am thankful....

1. For the gift of life and today!
2. For God's blessings and His protection
3. For miracles and answered prayers
4. For my faith, family and friends
5. For beautiful weather today
6. For business and the opportunity to make some placements this week
7. For Brylee's dedication this weekend - what a blessing!
8. For the basics like electricity, water, heat and AC
9. For getting to hear Anthony Evans this weekend - wonderful Christian singer that was a guest at my sister's church - he was so awesome!
10. For a new week, new beginnings and a fresh new week
11. For PIFs and RAKs - what can I do today?

Have a great day ladies and create the life you want. Be the best you can be and remember to live in the moment!!


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