Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Thanks Pooks for sharing these on your blog today!

I too love Fridays and the weekends! I am really excited because tomorrow Demi is going with some of the girls in her Girl Scout Troop to Glenrose to earn 3 badges. I can't wait for her to do and enjoy the wilderness at the dinosaur park.

And today my niece, Cami graduated from kindergarten this morning! She was so cute and we are so proud of her and the great year she had!!

Some other great news, Devin's scans all came back clear this week which is always an answered prayer from up above. We are so thankful for all the prayers and friends lifting him up daily. He truly is an amazing little 4 year old. He has lived a big life in his short 4 years to say the least. HE IS STILL CANCER FREE, THANK YOU LORD!

This week has been challenging to say the least. Times are tough financially but somehow we will make it as we did back after 9/11 when the economy turned south in a fast way. I will be happy when business starts to pick up again and companies start using recruiters to fill openings. Until then I am not sure what I am going to do to earn money. Maybe a garage sale tomorrow, sell my Creative Memories Albums, collect all our coins to use for gas and food and possibly ask the church. I actually went to the bank this week to see about getting a loan only to leave feeling even more beaten down. It was not what I expected and or hoped for upon arriving and leaving there. It amazes me at how others will judge others when they know nothing about them. We live in a harsh and fallen world. I really felt sorry for the banker upon leaving.

So what is everyone doing for Memorial Day and the holiday weekend? We have been invited out to Grapevine Lake on a 40 ft cabin cruiser with some family of family for the afternoon so we will probably end up there for some fun, swimming and food. Lots of kids too so Demi will hopefully have fun even though this will only be her 2nd time in a lake. (The last time she was not to crazy about but again she has a beautiful blue pool in her backyard.) What ever you do have fun and be safe!!


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*kim* said...

A nice surprise to see that you are blogging! Saw your link on the SIS blog post.

I so feel you on the financial woes. Checked my acct. today online and was way shorter than I realized for the month. Just know you are not alone. I always have to remember that God will provide and take care of things and as bad as it seems there is always someone in a worse situation than me.

Hope you and Demi enjoy your weekend despite bleakness in the world. big (((((hugs))))) and I'll put you on my prayer list friend. :)