Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seasons in Life and Being Grateful!

I hope everyone had a great day coming off the holiday weekend!I was sitting here thinking of today, where I am in life, those in my life and being thankful for this season we are living in now. How about you? I am not without challenges but make the conscious effort to look at the positive and make the most of our challenges and trust me when I say there are plenty of them right now.

Today I am thankful for/that...
1. Today and the gift of LIFE
2. God's blessings and His protection and JPs tonight while at the Ranger game...we are fixin to get a storm with hail...be careful friend!
3. My dd and being a mother - best thing that has ever happen to me along side being baptized as an adult!
4. My family
5. My friends
6. My neighbors
7. My home
8. My car which is running today
9. Food in the fridge
10. Bills paid today
11. SIStv - I was thinking how blessed we all are by all the sweet and nice ladies and few men here that make the world better for all of us....this season....this hobby and JJ for making her dreams and hard work come true for all of us!
12. Great blogs and those who take the time to write about so many things - isnt it fun and oh so educational?
13. Technology - Facebook - Twitter....
14. Yummy dinner tonight - made the girls there fav - black beans, rice and hamburger meat with seasoning and it is pretty healthy - love being able to have them here!
15. Our pool - best entertainment when the pool is all blue - thankful for it being right for the season.
16. My HP Printer at home - costly but convenient
17. Hot showers which I am getting ready to have
18. One of my fav scrapbookers, Gretchen for picking my ATC for the catwalk - thanks from the bottom of my heart friend.
19. Our to do list friends - love yall!
20. PIFS - I forgot to do the 2 I was going to do so I will do them tomorrow and grateful that I found an op today to do so!!

Love and hugs,


*kim* said...

Always enjoy reading your thankful lists! Are you on Facebook now? I need to find you- I am a total FB addict! (((((HUGS)))))) friend!

Mollie said...

Hi :) Thanks for stopping by my blog :) And yes, I hand draw a lot of my titles and letters... I'm obsessed with doodling lol

This post made me smile by the way... To know that people still do stop and smell the roses sometimes is really good to know :)

~Mollie neff

McMGrad89 said...

Nice list! I always love reading your grateful list on SIS. Hope you have a successful week.

Annemarie (Mommyvictory)