Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Answered prayers today!

I am still in awe of God's timing and answers to prayers. I can also tell you that I am so grateful for my church family today. I started going to Centerpoint Church back in 1998. I remember telling Pastor Jay when I hadnt been there for a series that they were all about family issues and he used to tell me that I would need the messages someday. Little did I know that in 1999 I would become pregnant with Demi. We are so blessed to have our church family and I am so grateful that Michelle got one of my bestest friends Donna married by Jay. I have been enjoying Jay's messages for the past 11 years and I know Demi has grown into the beautiful child she has because of our church and our friendships there. I always say it takes a village to raise a child and I truly mean that in today's world. If you are not in a church family, I would so recommend finding one in your area. You can also visit our website at http://www.centerpointchurch.com/ each week for the weekly message and series. If you live in the HEB or DFW metroplex and are looking for a church please come by and visit us this Sunday. You will not be disappointed!! Thanks for all your continued prayers and love!

On to another subject, I have been without our directtv since last Wednesday and I have to admit for the few days it was tough not having the tv and noise. But after a week of no tv, bad news and activities outside of the home, I am really not missing the tv anymore. Actually I think I get so much more done and am really taking part in things I love like reading and getting out to visit with friends.

Also I am incorporating a new goal for everyday. I want to give something, a gift to someone daily. It can be as simple as a card, trimming my neighbors hedges or just calling someone in need. I also think that praying for others is one the best gifts you can give. So do you want to join me? Demi and I really try to Pay It Forward everyday anyway, it has become a way of life for us. It is cute to see her friends get into it too when they are here or with us while out. Isn't that a great life lesson and it doesnt' have to cost a thing.

I am reading this book again called "Expect to Win" by Bill Glass. It is such a great Christian read. My spiritual goal for everyday is to engage in some kind of reading either my bible, a bible study and or christian book. This really excites me and I hope to start my day with this as well as end it on the same wonderful note. Anyone want to join me on this one? I hope so.

So I will be back shortly to post some fun and cute pics from Demi's bday yesterday and her party last weekend. I also hope to get one week of my project 365 by Becky Higgins posted. I am still loving taking a POTD as well as documenting our lives. It really does change the way you see your life and more than anything the way I appreciate ours. I love our life and am excited to see what great things God has in store for us.



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