Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do you ever just want to take the day off from work, parenting and just life in general?

That would be ME today. I am feeling very overwhelmed with no business and open job orders while my bills continue to be delivered daily by our prompt and courteous mailman. Mentally I am worn out today. Excited and overjoyed yesterday to have some answered prayers with help from the church but today I am wondering how long my car will work, how long my food will last, how long will the 10.00 worth of gas last, how long my internet will be on so that I can try to work all while trying to remain hopeful and faithful. My point to writing this is not for you to feel sorry for me but to really think about all the little things in our lives that use daily and what you would do without them. And also share that I am trying to live the a God centered life all while facing challenges again that I thought I would not have to endure again, at least not 7 years after the first time I experienced this same thing. I know these times have been hard on so many so I hate to even post about it but it is how I am feeling today. Do you think anyone would mind me taking the day off from LIFE today? (Smiling and appreciative of the challenges today!)

So with all that being said, I also feel a little quilty that I can not take my daughter on a vacation again this summer. That is 2 summers in a row. Not the worst thing in life but it sure would be nice. I keep trying to think of things we can do but most activities cost money. So if you have any ideas please let me know?

Also a few weeks ago I asked a general question on on what the ladies could live without. I cannot remember what their answers were but I am hit with the stark reality that this week I am about to find out. I am wondering how long my car will run with a radiator that needs to be fixed, how long and far my gas will take me - I have a gas card with 10.00 left on it, how long my groceries will last and how my leak under my kitchen sink will get fixed. So what about you, have you ever thought about what you could live without and or what the moms an women did without certain items. It has had me thinking about how you wash clothes with laundry detergent, what women did without tampons and pads, how we will get around town if need be, how we would get to the doctor if we had an emergency and church on Sundays. I don't know the answers to these questions but I am getting ready to find out.

The good thing about this is that the last time I was here I really beat myself up. I actually thought Demi would be better off with someone else because I my self worth was based on what I had bought and could buy and not Christ. Even though times are challening again I know this time too shall pass and I will be better because of it. There is a rainbow at the end of every rain storm.

So does anyone care if I just take the day off? Does anyone care if I cry today? Sometimes and I hate to say it but t I have to hit rock bottom and admit I am human to get motivated to change where I am today so that tomorrow will be better.

Don't forget to Pay It Forward today and or find a way to perform a RANDOM ACT of KINDNESS today. This is a great way to pick yourself up and or at least it is for me. I love making others feel special and love the OPPORTUNITIES given to me each day to make the world a better place.

Enjoy your day and if you have stopped by thanks so much, it means the world to me and so do your comments.



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Oh Diana, I am so sorry things are tough for you right now. I am glad you have your faith to lean on. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. xo

Becca said...

You aren't alone in your prayers--I think of you often and pray daily.

5 things you can do with Demi right now:
*Walk to the park
*Go for a bike ride
*Eat dinner outside
*Sit on your patio and watch the star tonight
*Visit an elderly neighbor or a nursing home--they always appreciate visitors!

and a sixth one, for good measure: make a weekly trip to the library to check out books and movies (not to mention, to use their internet)

Love you.

Marit said...

Oh Diana, I've been there - in fact, just struggling up with the possibility of falling "down" again every moment... I saw the question on SIStv but didn't answer 'cause I already live without cardriving (have a bike), cheap shopping for groceries, haven't had a "vacation" in 4 or 5 years etc. etc. Hang in there, you, WE manage! Life is good, it still is! (after all, we are communicating, isn't it? That's good, meeting nice people!) Love, Marit