Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thankful Tuesday today....

I am so blessed and love starting my day with what and who I am thankful for each day.

Today I am thankful for/that...

1. God's blessings and His protection
2. His timing
3. Metro Camp at Riverbend last week and our invite to joinin the fun while learning more about God and His love for us. One God, One body, One Way, One Life!! So grateful for all the Pastors, children's ministers, leaders from each church, riverbend staff, counselors, rec team, praise team, Shari Williams Morris and Fred for organizing this past week who all take their time and vacations to make this possible for all our children.
4. The CWF - the christian wrestlers federation that participated - the boys loved it!
5. My family, friends and faith - God is so awesome.
6. Demi accepted Jesus as her personal Savior this past Friday
7. Today and the gift of life - so precious!

Hugs your kids one more time today and make sure you let those in your life know you love them and what they mean to you NOW!!

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