Monday, October 26, 2009

30 Days of Random Acts of Kindness Challenge...(RAKs)

Since there is one month to Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fun to create a 30 day challenge of Random Acts of Kindness. The challenge is to find a way to be kind or create someway to give back to someone else either planned or unplanned. Whatever works for you. Keep a journal for yourself to see how your life changes during this time. For me, RAKs give me a purpose in life all while trying to make someone else's life better even if just for a moment. I love finding ways everyday to perform acts of kindness and giving back. So are you with me?? I can't wait to hear what you are able to do each day for the next 30 days. If all goes well we will turn this into a 365 days of RAKs.....and trust me you can find the time each and everyday.

So here are some ideas....
1. Trim your elderly neighbors bushes
2. Treat your trash friends to a snack and drink each week....
3. Smile at someone
4. compliment someone
5. Send an email to someone you love
6. Pray for someone you don't know or know
7. Send a note in your childrens lunch box
8. Write a love message on your bathroom wall for your loved ones
9. Help a mom out with her cart or groceries when her hands are full someone in line their lunch or coffee
11.Volunteer your time today at your child's school opening milks for the young kids
12.babysit for a friend so they can have a date night, you know they can't afford a babysitter
13.Do your sister's laundry just because you have the extra time
14.make a scrapbook album for a loved one or neighbor
15.Work for FREE...
16.Mail a letter to a soldier for the holidays, make a care package if you can afford too
17. invite someone over for dinner so they don't have to cook
18. buys some flowers and hand out to someone you don't know
19. Stop by a retirement home and visit with someone who doesnt have visitors
20. Bake treats to give away.....

If you have any ideas please let me know. Just do what your heart tells you and remember it doesnt have to take a lot of money or time. RAK. The key to making this challenge work and to create a better community is to give back with one random act of kindness for the next 30 days. I bet your life will be so full of JOY, love and happiness by making the world a better place one person at a time. For those of you know who know me, you know that I love this way of life and have included my children doing RAKs and being better girls. I can't wait to hear from you each and everday how you have spent your day giving back and how your own life has changed because of your RAKS. (This is the time to quit thinking about your challenges and create the life you were meant to live!!)

Are you ready to live an exciting life for the next 30 days? Get ready to change the way you look at life and learn about how much you have to offer during this lifetime. Wouldn't you love to know that if you only had 30 days to live that you lived the BEST life you could and that you left the world a better place then when you entered it? We all think about doing these kinds of things so let's put those thoughts into action and make it a great 30 days performing Random Acts of Kindess!!!!!

PS - Leave me a quick note to let me know you were here, I would love to venture over to your blogs as well and also if you don't feel comfortable letting us know what you are doing each day just let us know that you are joining in the challenge.

Hugs and love,
Diana aka BiT


Shana Dilldine said...

great diana!

Miss Jaster said...

What an awesome idea! I think I'll pose this challenge to my students as well.

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