Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today was an interesting day...how was your day?

Do you ever start your day with all the things you are grateful for like I did today to have the day filled with challenges you never expected or saw coming? Well that was me today....lost a crown and then no heater for our cold evenings...but as I was driving I was thinking about what good could come from all of this and thinking about how I could I RAK someone today..where and when? Much to my surprise again I get my work done at the dentist done quickly and by my BIL's sister who just opened her practice. Talk about being RAKked with kindness today, she did not charge me knowing I had no insurance. Something I totally did not expect but am so grateful for to say the least. Then I contact my AC friend who installed my AC a few years ago to find out he can do my repairs tomorrow for little to nothing and that I can pay him when I can. I am always amazed at the goodness that comes my way when my heart and mind are in the right place and how God continues to show me his love and grace.

So how did you do yesterday with your challenge and were you able to find someone you could give to and or be kind too? I hope so. I was able to find time and a way to help a neighbor out yesterday. It took all of 2 minutes and I know they so appreciated this little thing I did and more than anything I loved being to help. On top of that this morning I was reading over a paper my dd wrote to find the subject of her story about her love of helping friends and neighbors. It warms my heart knowing her HEART is in the right place. Over the last few weeks she has wrote several stories that have totally blowm me away and I must admit I am so proud of the young lady she is becoming. She is filled with such love and is so giving and kind along with sweet most of the time. :-)

Today I read the title of a blog starting with the "gift of listening". It got me thinking about how we can give each day with something like listening, I mean really listening while putting our phones away, turning our computers and ipods off. Isnt this something we can all do starting with our children when they come in from school and so excitedly want to tell us about their day. We can easily give the gift of time by emailing our friends back or returning their calls back by voice and not just text. I so love this and totally agree.

I hope you had fun finding a way to perform your random act of kindness and that if you were RAKked like I was yesterday and today that you so appreciate it the full circle moments. Learn to receive gifts is hard to do but so important if you enjoy giving as well. This was a hard thing for me to learn but it allows others an opportunity to do some good as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and again best wishes in finding time to give the gift of kindness. I know you can do it and make the most of your day that is such a gift from above.

Hugs and love,

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*kim* said...

What a great story!
Isn't God amazing when he works in ways we cannot understand?
I do hope you are doing well. I have not been a very faithful blog reader lately so I have probably missed some of your posts.

Take care and give Demi an extra hug from your Arkansas BFF! :)