Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 3 of 30.....Ordinary People doing Extraordinary things

I hope you had a great day! I am happy to say that I am H1N1 protected as of today...woohoo! Now I just have to get my 2 dds vaccinated soon. Have you got your shot and or plan on it? I don't worry so much about me but want to make sure the girls get theirs. It seems that most of their friends in school have already had it and got over it but you just never know. I would rather be safe than sorry with this virus this go around.

So were you able to find time to give the gift of kindness on Day 3? I know if we think about our days we can think of something we did. Most of us live a life where we are helping others and our kids, spouses, co-workers. My challenge tomorrow is to plan something...cook a meal for someone who is sick or has been struggling just because, make an extra effort to do something special. Bring snacks for work or maybe volunteer at your child's school for an hour or 2...have fun and remember to come back here to tell me about it. I am going to use these specials updates in the future. (My day 3 consisted of collecting donations after work for our church function this weekend. I wish I would have done more honestly....I love the feeling of randomly surprising people....I love taking my dd's teachers drinks from is a huge treat and they love it. I will try to do that on Friday on my home from work when the drinks are .99 and after a week with the kids I think it will be a refreshment they will enjoy even more than the morning drink?)

I truly believe that it is the ordinary people doing extraordinary things everyday to make this world a better place to live and enjoy!!!

Now I am off to leave some love on a few blogs that I haven't been to in a while. Are you like me and could spend an entire day jumping from one to the next? There are so many great ones and I especially appreciate women and men taking the time to blog for our enjoyment. Please let me know if you have a few blogs that you enjoy daily/weekly/periodically so we can enjoy them with you.

I will end with how grateful I am for the gift of life and His protection. We are so blessed and even though life keeps throwing me lemons I am determined to make lemonade and smile while doing so.

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