Thursday, October 29, 2009

Love working outside the home....

I was just sitting here thinking how blessed I am to get out and work with some awesome and funny women 3 days a week after working in the home and from home for the past 14 years.

It is nice feeling appreciated for something that comes so easy. I am sure the kids appreciate what I do but you would never know it. I sometimes feel like a glorified maid, chaffuer, ATM, cook and their does get tiring but I love being a home to 2 wonderful girls. My only wish is that they would pitch in a little more and pick up after themselves a little more and without me know what I mean?

So today is Day 4 on our random act of kindness challenge. Have you done your good deed for today? I haven't really so I am going to be on the lookout for something fun and cool to do...maybe with the girls. Demi so loves RAKking someone too. Any ideas? I need some new and fresh any?? I will be back later to post what we do and hopefully someone soon will be here to let me know what they have done for today. Anyone, someone..any one joining me in the fun this month? I know what I am doing tomorrow, we are baking cookies for our friends at Jack in the Box, they are always giving us free drinks and we just love them dearly! While we are there we will get our 4th grade teachers a soda...caffeine will be just what they need since tomorrow is dress up day and the PTA Fall Festival which always gets the kids going more than normal :-).

Talk with you soon and I am hoping to scrap a page or 2 tonight...going to do some challenges over at foreum. If I can ever figure out how to add a blinkie you will get to see my new one for being on the DT there as well. I am really looking forward to all the fun in the months to come.


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