Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grateful Time - "Being appreciative of kindness or benefits received,thankful!"

I am thankful for/that...

1. Another month in the New Year

2. My faith and church

3. My family

4. My dds - so love being a MOM!!

5. Friends

6. We still have our home

7. Our car

8. Jan birthdays..."-)

9. New position and a steady income

10. Getting paid for an Oct placement finally

11. Laughter

12. Nice people

13. Rest

14. Quiet time

15. prayers and answered ones at that!

16. Internet friends and blogs

17. Grateful Jar -

18. Stores close by..

19. The Village - it does take one these days to make it all happen everyday..I have always said it takes a village to raise a child

20. LOVE and compassion

Hope everyone feels they have something to be grateful for even when things may not be as planned or hoped for last month.



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