Sunday, February 28, 2010

Teresa Collins, her new blog and some great give-aways!!

Last year when I happened upon her blog, I was struck by how real and personal she was with her work, family and life.  I read a post about her buying a homeless man a pair of shoes and I knew she was a kind and loving woman and one that I would enjoy keeping up with when time permitted.  (I am still amazed at how small the world seems at times with technology and how big our world becomes with the knowledge we have at our fingertips.) 

I hope you will take time to venture over to her site for some great give-aways as well and don't forget to wish her Happy 13th Anniversary today.  P.S. - I will see if I can find her post about her random act of kindness so you too can enjoy this oh so feel good moment she shared one night.  I hope it will inspire you to go out and be that difference in the world you would like to see and can be today.

**Okay I found the post and need to make a few corrections after searching for the story I mentioned, it was almost almost 2 1/2 years ago I read her blog and you can read the story here along with some other random acts of kindness her and her family took part in that same month in December of 2007 -  

Enjoy your Sunday and the gift of life today.  Remember to let those you love know it and to find the time to be kind and serve someone so you can experience the true JOY and happiness that comes from the giving of time and yourself.


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