Friday, March 5, 2010

Happiness is...

Tonight I am looking back at my childhood and remembering all the things that brought me happiness.  They still make me smile today.  

Back when I was 6 years old, my dad was stationed at Lajes AFB in Portugal.  I must say I am so grateful for the time we spent there, it was unike any other place I have ever lived and there have been many places too.  After reading Tara's blog  this week, I was inspired to list some things I loved when I was younger and that brought me happiness hours upon hours. She sets aside a day to "go back" and includes pictures too.  She really got me thinking about some things I loved when I was younger so I will share those with you.  Little did I know that most of  them were in the time I lived in Portugal. 

My list includes:

1.  Having brothers and sisters - instant play mates and boy did we have fun!
2.  Pong
3.  Tether Ball
4.  Freeze Tag
5.  Camping out in the backyard
6.  Roller Skating everyday weekend when we lived in Portugal
7.  Bingo on Sundays at the base hall with great prizes
8.  Growing up with parents who were active...we always had so much fun at the ball park...making strings of can lids hoked together and smashing cans to walk on..did you ever do that?
9.  Pig roasts and company sqandron picnics in Portugal
10. Bull fights down our street -
11. Playing craps with our easter candy....for hours....who does that?  ha
12. Living in the Hamptons with my mom's family while my dad was stationed going there now with my daughter.
13. Art classes that I took from a very old man..I remember his long fingers and gentle spirit.
14.  Ballet classes even though I wasn't very graceful...
15.  The bowling leagues that my brother and I were in, I still love bowling today.  (Did I mentioned all the pin ball machines..the tilts...playing partners with my brother.
16.  The freedom we had growing up on a base, we could take the bus to the horses and softball fields which we did often by ourselves...
17.  Reading all of Nancy Drew books
18.  The rock em sock em they still make those?
19.  Music, songs like Michael Murphy sang...Wild Horses...I will have to make sure that is the name of that song since I bought that cd a few years ago because I loved that song so much.
20.  Learning to crochet and making baby blankets...making macrama (not sure about the spelling) plant holders..

I am so grateful for this time and for growing up as I did in a nilitary family.  So many fun memories in our backyard with my siblings.  I love my brother and two sisters and am happy we are all still close and great friends. 

What are some of your favorite memories or things you enjoyed while you were younger??  What things brought you joy and happiness??  I can't wait to hear to see if we had any of the same fun memories!!

I hope you have a wonderful and fun weekend!!


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