Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love Saturdays!!

The day could not have been any better.  The day started with my niece Cami's basketball game in which she made 2 free throws, nothing but NET!  Then it was off to babysit Brylee.  On the way, we stopped at Rosa's and picked up some food and a much needed Dr Pepper.  They have the best soda's in town and it was just what Sheri (my sister) and I needed, it hit the spot.  We walked to the neighborhood park where we played for a couple of hours.  It was so awesome to be outside, taking in the fresh air and warm sun.  Boy I am so ready for spring but not the kind of spring that may be here on Monday.  They are predicting tornado type weather.  Oh way can't it just stay like today?  Anyway, Nadja is off at the movies with her sweet friend, Lydia from Africa and Demi is spending the night with my niece.  Quiet....alone time.....oh so delightful and the perfect end to a beautiful day!

PS - this may be my shortest post yet :-)

Hope you had one too -


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