Monday, March 8, 2010

WOW, what a day!

The last 2 days were not exactly what I had planned but lately that seems to be the "norm" if there is such a thing.

First off, I heard the best message from Joel Osteen yesterday morning.  His message was about enjoying those things we are able to do with a happy and grateful heart because we are able to such as going to work, cleaning our homes, driving the kids or as in my case last night and today, finding those lil pesty crawlers that girls seem to share and it was not fun.  But hey we made the most of it and I have to say that with the right attitude we can get through anything.  I often think about what I am teaching the girls.  To live and teach by our actions along with our words and that anything with a smile is always so much better.

And so today I had to take work off which was okay with me.  One is because after staying up to 2am hunting our friends, we both had very little sleep.  I hope this part of our week is past us.  Then we still had to go a hunting and then mama had to have an oil treatment and her head inspected.  Today my friend said that we should open a shop where you bring your children who have the same problem and drop them off.  She advised me that in some pricey neighborhoods up north they have them where you bring your kids and drop them off for hours to have them cleaned up.  I don't think I would want to do it but sure could own a shop that does if it makes money.  So let me ask you, have you had to deal with this before and would you pay to have someone else do this for you and your child?  I think I would if I had the extra money for sure! 

I am struggling right now with my currect work situation.  I have no desire other than money to go and I really don't want it to be like this because I am sure that I exhibit the same thing in person.  Now I am doing the exact same thing I was doing last year but for some reason I don't feel the same and don't enjoy it.  I cant imagine doing this for much longer.  The thing is that I haven't taken anything into consideration like spring break, sick kids- at my last job I had some flexibility but here I don't feel like I do.  I guess that is part of it, I feel like I am working in a prison. No talking, no cell phones, no food at desk, no open drinks, don't use sticky pads because they cost money....on and on.  I think  it is time to get back to my business and again learn to appreciate all that it affords me both at home and with my life with my girls.  I think this may be my last week.  That scares me a little because I need the money but I know with one placement I can make 4 months worth of salary.  So I decided this yesterday but need to convince myself thoroughly.  I need to pray about it and make sure I am doing the right thing for us.    

Anyway I took Teresa Collin's advice about cleaning our clutter yesterday.  I did get so much done like clearing off our kitchen table, cleaning out Demi's clothes, 10 loads of laundry which I am learning to enjoy again since I am working out of the home.  It actually cracks me up just thinking about enjoying all that stuff.

Today we finished up Demi's Alamo project.  I have to say it turned out great and she is pretty excited about it.  I love learning again with the girls and wish I had studied and cared more when I was younger.  Pictures to come but we had some fun playing with clay and army men.  I loved being creative and spending time with Demi even under the conditions we did because in the big scheme of life, the hunting game was more of  nuisance and not the end of world.

I am hoping you will pray with me tonight, our adored adoptive neighbor, Gramma Dorothy is having brain surgery to fix her tremors tomorrow.  We love her dearly and are praying the surgery goes well and that she is able to rid herself of her tremors so she can get back to living and being active.  Thanks for joining in prayer with me tonight and tomorrow for our loved Gramma.

I wanted to add 2 more things that I enjoyed while I was growing up, my POGO  stick and also my UNICYCLE.  Did you ever try either one of these?  I tried the pogo stick not too long ago and couldn't get off the ground..haha!

Have a wonderful and JOY filled Tuesday.  I hope to receive the gift of life tomorrow and want to let both my girls, Demi and Nadja knw that I love them dearly and also that I love my family with all that I am because God blessed me with each one of them.

PS - You should venture over to Teresa's blog at http://www.teresacollins.typepad.como/ and see the FAMILY project that Camille created with her new line!!


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