Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A "Day In Our Lives" .....

I hope everyone had a great day!  I have to say that today marked the 2nd good day at my new job and honestly I am starting to enjoy my work again.  I often say that life is too short for those things that don't bring us joy but have to remind myself that not everything brings us instant joy.  That is just how I think and sometimes good things are worth working for, it is a good thing I am not a quitter, that I am determined to make things better as I am with finding the good in people disspite what they say or what they do even in this case I have been thrown into at work.  I will make the best of this ride and quest to love and live my best life with all the new things happening yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Wanna join me?

So today, a day with us, begins with all 3 girls getting ready at the same time.  We pass in the hall, all on our own mission to get ready and out the door with smiles on.  Out the door at 7:50am to drop off Demi and order a yearbook this morning.  (I take the pictures for the school and still have to pay for one :-) but I am good with that, that is one thing I have enjoyed thoroughly for the past 4 years and will so miss that if I don't find a more flexible position but that is another day and story!)  Then it is off to work from 8:30-4:30.  Swing by mom's to get Demi and then it was off to pick up Nadja at the high school.  We made a pit stop in at the Brookside Center so I could VOTE.  What a priviledge it is to do so, to make a difference.  Oh and the best part was the items on the back to vote on, putting prayer back in school which I am all for, making it a law that every woman and girl would have to have a sonogram and see it before ending a life - I am all for that too and then it was all about our government, having more say so in how they spend our money and how we are to determine the size of it as well.  I am summing up those few things but I do feel like my VOTE matters.  The girls came in with me which I also am glad happened.  Nadja so she can see how we vote her in the US and Demi to see what goes on and how it all works.  Valuable life lesson that I didn't get until I was 36 years old.  Then we swung into Taco Bell for some tacos and burritos.  Did I say that I have to work on pre-planning dinners on Sundays, precooking so we can eat when we get home.  Nadja is starving after tennis and I am too after not eating much since I dont take a lunch so I can get in and out of work to be with the girls.  With a few minutes to spare, we are off to get a friend and then to Girl Scouts.  I take that hour to blog, facebook and catch up here on computer.  The day has come and gone and now it is time for bed so we can all have a great day tomorrow.  TAKs for Demi and work for mom and since Nadja does not have to take any TAKS being an exchange student, she has the day off - woohoo!!!    PS- I have to find time to work out or walk and to play with our dog Cheyenne who I am sure feels very neglected these days. 

I hope to find quiet time to spend reading and growing in my faith.  I really like to start my day with quiet time but have overslept the last 2 days.  Not late, just not early enough for that time I enjoy and look forward to each morning.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I am off to pray for Demi and all those children here regarding the TAKS tests, a must pass to move on to the next grade so say some teachers.  Do you have that as well in your state?  I dislike this system of pass or fail because I think some people just don't test well and that our teachers don't teach like they could or would if not being mandated by our State Govenment.  I hope that will change soon so they can get back to enjoying what they do and our children can enjoy school and learning again!!  That is just my 2 Cents worth today and a "day in our life"  Thanks for stopping by my blog today!!


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