Monday, March 15, 2010


I read two books years ago that I love to read through every now and then when I need to remind myself of the ingredients for success.  Bill Glass, a former athlete wrote Plan to Win and Expect to Win. 

In Plan to Win, the main ingredients for success are:
1.  Planning
2.  Picturing
3.  Focus
4.  Commitment
5.  Preparation
6.  Goal-Oriented
7.  Affirmations
8.  Loving Ourselves, Encouraging Othes
9.  Keeping Scores

In Expect to Win, the main ingredients for success are:
1. Think the Right Thoughts
2.  Say Good Words
3.  Be Specific
4.  Take Responsibility
5.  Choose Real Friends
6.  Handle Your Hurts
7.  Go the Second Mile
8.  Live the Faith Phenomenon
9.  Never Give Up

Sometimes new beginnings need a fresh take on life and a look at the basic ingredients.  So the focus will not be on what has happened over the last year and few months but more on where I want to be and how I am going to get there.  If I told you that over 15 years owning my business, I made over 1M dollars in revenue you may be surprised.  None of my family and or close friends even know because it wasn't about the money but the love of what I was doing in helping ex-military find new careers which I am passionate about thanks to my dad who served this wonderful country we live in for more than 20 years.  When I think about that I know, I konw I am in a small group and instead of reminding myself daily of that and the success I have had I have focused on the failure of the economy and how I got myself in this position today because of the challenges I have faced.  I have settled with a position outside of the home because it was needed to provide for my family and I know that thre are many who have had to make sacrifices for the same reasons.   I am leaving the valley and climbing the mountains again, mentally and physically starting today.  Just the thought of this makes me smile and gives me a new sense of purpose.  With a background in sales, I know what it takes to be successful and I am not just talking about money but being happy and loving what you do each and everyday.  So last night in a conversation with my aunt I realized many things.  One is that I am not where I want to be but I have learned many valuable lessons this past year that I know will take me to a new level of success which I will share this week that others can probably relate to as well.  I have some tough decisions to make and with prayer and a lot of thought I know I can create and live the life I so desire for myself and our family. 

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