Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Spring Break.....

WOW, what a busy couple of days to say the least. 

Lots of cleaning, laundry and just hanging out with my youngest daughter while Nadja is at church camp.  It has been so long since Demi and I have had time to just be US.....it really has been wonderful as much as my back hurts there is something about decluttering and having some organization in closets and home that feels so good.  Oh and did I mention that I did yardwork yesterday, 5 hours worth...it felt great, the grass smelt great, my 9 year old help me bag leaves but I am so out of shape.  But my yard looks great and so does my neighbors now I just need to drain my pool on Thursday and I am good to go, woohoo!  PS - My water consumption has been great and I am getting used to drinking H2O again. 

So tomorrow I am off to court for an emergency hearing on my bankruptcy because my attorney forgot to tell me I had to send a money order instead of a check for my payment.  I am hopeful that all will go well and that I can get this behind me and I can push ahead.  The future looks bright and I am excited about getting my finances in order to include insurance for both of us and also to start a savings and retirement.  It is big but doable if I stay focused and have set goals. 

And today for the first time in a long time, I had an opportunity to contact my clients and new businesses with hopes to get some new job orders.  Somehow someway I am going to make this work while trying to stay sane and keep the stress down.  I am really hoping that if I can get something going with my business that I can make ends meet and also help my mom so she doesnt have to go back to work.  I could use some prayers here too if you don't mind.  TIA.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, I am expecting a great day again with my lil angel.  I included a picture of Demi and her friend, Sydney playing yesterday.  They served us dinner and waited on us, they were so cute and might I say pretty good cooks and waitresses.



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