Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sweet Baby Layla Grace went to be with Jesus today - VIDEO

As a mom I cannot imagine the loss of a child and I pray that Layla's family will find some peace and joy in their time as short as it was with their sweet angel.  I hope that they feel the love and prayers of many who have been following her story.

I hope you had a great Thursday and that you have a FABULOUS Friday making the most of your day.  I challenge you to write your children a note telling them why you love them so and if you have none, write a letter to a sweet child you know.  I love children so and hope that every child would know they are you make time to celebrate your children?  In what ways? Lately I have been so wrapped up in my own life and changes that I have taken the time to JUST BE IN THE MOMENT WITH THEM AS MUCH AS I COULD OR FOR THAT MATTER AS MUCH AS THEY PROBABLY WOULD LIKE.   BUT IT IS A GREAT TIME TO DO SO AND IT IS NEVER TO LATE TO DO SO.  I AM OFF TO WRITE ONE MORE NOTE, I WROTE ONE THIS WEEK AND NEED/WANT TO WRITE ONE MORE TONIGHT.  I DO WRITE A DEAR DEMI LETTER TO HER EVERY YEAR ON OR AROUND HER BIRTHDAY TELLING HER ALL THE REASONS I LOVE HER AND ALL THE THINGS THAT MAKE HER SO SPECIAL TO INCLUDE ALL THE THINGS SHE IS INTO AT THAT TIME AND LOVES.  I HOPE TO HAVE A SPECIAL PLACE IN HER SCRAPBOOKS OR IN SPECIAL BOOK WITH ALL HER LETTERS.

Simple ways to make your kids feel special that I enjoy doing and know that my girls enjoy receiving:  their own special/favorite meals, notes on their bathroom mirrors, notes in lunches, letters, long walks, game nights...time to discuss the best part of their days or maybe part of their day that didn't go so well, together as a family writing what we are thankful for and putting them in our G "grateful" jar.  What about you, what do you do?  

Sweet dreams and remember God loves you just as you are and were made!!


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