Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Big Decisions and Prayers

I am so proud of my girls and love them dearly!  Tonight I was reminded of how I would love to be a stay at home mom and how important parenting is for our children.  They like us are always looking for approval and acceptance.

Anyway Demi's Alamo project looked awesome and the kids in her 4th grade class did a great job!  Tomorrow is the judging but I think they already decided who won since they took some pics today but in my heart my Demi is a winner!.  It was a fun project and we learned a lot together about our state.  What do you know about your state?  Me not enough since I didn't grow up here but after 30 years of living here I should know more and want to know more.  Since Nadja leaves in less than 12 weeks for Germany, I am going to pick out 5 places we have to visit and start setting the days for us to become "Official Tourists".  Doesn't that sound fun?

Guess what, Nadja won a silver medal today in her first tournament for her high school!!  Wow, she is a winner in more ways than one too. I can't say enough wonderful things about our daughter that joined our family some 9 months ago without even knowing us.  Often I think about how her mom was strong enough to let her daughter spread her wings and fly to experience life outside of her country with a family she doesn't know.  I can't say enough about her mom too.   We love her dearly, can you tell? She is enjoying her tennis team and last trimester.  She is starting to develop good friends and I couldn't be happier, I just wish she had another 6 months here.  Congrats again sweetheart!!

So today I made the decision to quit my job at the physician's office.  I love doing collections and working with patients but the environment is not where I need to be....I like being around like minded and loving spirits and this just isn't it.  I have decided that even if I do end up selling our home, we will get a small place or apartment/condo and enjoy it.  I don't want to be married to my house and I don't want to stay in a job that I am not happy with...I will say that I wish I worked on the clinic side.  The nurses and NAs are so funny..I left there after training for 2 days with my cheeks and sides hurting from laughing...that is my kind of place :-).

Do you know of any great positions out there?  I might even consider moving for the right position...just sayin.  I am going to continue praying and know that God has great things in store for me....expect great things and God will deliver bigger and better everytime.  (fundraising, marketing, collections/billings, sales, recruiting, HR, school related - yearbook/teaching)   NETWORKING..everyday....

Did you know that it is Women's History Month?  I didn't until today and it got my thinking about the women I know that are changing the world and or have overcome a life changing event that are shaping who they are today.  I admire a lot of women and will come back tomorrow to list those women that have or do inspire me.

I have always said it only takes one women/man/child to change the world and to make it a better place to live.  I hope that when I am gone that I will leave a legacy greater than me.  How will my children, family and  friends remember me?  How will you be remembered?  Isn't that a great question?

Big hugs with some Texas kisses and love!!


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Bethany Kartchner said...

Best of luck with the job search. Congratulations to your girls. Quite the accomplishments!