Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 5th of July Today!!

Good morning America and friends!  I was thinking if we celerated everyday like we do every holiday we are certain to make the most of everyday.  True?  Makes me want to be grateful everyday and always remember to celebrate all things, not just the big things like birthdays and holidays but all things and I will add all people.  So today will you make it just another day or will you get up and find something else to celebrate today. I was thinking what about celebrating the 5th just because.  What could we do?

Well there are lots of things we can celebrate today like the 2nd half of the year, great neighbors day, a sunny day here in TX after all the rain we have had, that Demi is finally home for today :-), that my mom is here with us and I am so thankful for that, extended family and the fact that Demi will be meeting them this upcoming weekend and did I mention we are going to SeaWorld, love that place and all the dolphins and whales and I think a good one is that we are still in our home after 1 1/2 of challenges and it is better than ever with a days worth of work waiting for us today.

How can we make the celebrations grand and fun?  Some confetti on our kitchen table, streamers, a game of scrabble with our neighbor, breakfast with good friends. making a book for each of Demi's new family for them to cherish, anything outdoors to celebrate the great weather we have today, a drive in the country to take some random and fun pictures just because, a RAK or random act of kindness with a complete stranger - I love this one and love that my daughter since the age of 2 loves joining in the fun and really anything you want to do with  your family that will create memories, smiles and laughter on a day that could be just another day or the day of the 4th that you just want to CELEBRATE because you woke up and are here to do so.

I will be back to post some pictures of our family fun yesterday with our family and friends.    I hope your 4th was wonderful and I am reminded daily of the sacrifice that our military offers up because yesterday we celebrated our day with friends whose husband leaves in 5 weeks to go to Afghanistan.  I am grateful for my dad and many others who served and made the military their 1st careers.  It was an awesome experiencing growing up as a military brat and I will forever cherish the memories as well as his legacy and Demi's grandpa on her father's side who also made his career in the military before passing.  So much to be grateful today and everyday!!!  Make it a great day and remember to enjoy the simple things in life and hugs those children and loved ones today.



Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhh glad Demi is home and YAY for Seaworld! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

*kim* said...

I love me some Sea World!!! Sounds like you are making your way up the hill - so happy your and Demi's summer is going so well.
Hugs from Arkansas. :)

Joy-N-Jesus said...

HEy YOu! I am excited for your new adventure and I am praying for you! I know the Lord will place you right where He can use you! Trust when he shuts and opens doors! This last year we have seen God shut doors we thought would be best only to open even better doors... for HIS glory! I am praying for you my friend! Blessings! Love sotppin in!