Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Couple of Great Stories of Giving and Bringing Hope and Joy.......

What a beautiful and wonderful day, Monday has been!  Let me just start by saying that I am so happy to have Demi home with me.  I missed her so much but am glad my heart is in the right place for her.

Tonight, Demi and I went to her best friends house for Christmas and for to have a sleepover.  While waiting for dinner, Alyssa mentioned that her mom found $300.00 in a card in their door on Christmas Eve.  So my girlfriend explained that when she opened the card she had no idea who it was from or at this point who the card was for...she asked a couple of neighbors and they had no idea either.

So here is a little background on my friend and Demi's best friend.  Demi and Alyssa met 5 years ago in Kindergarten.  Up until last year they have always lived here in TX and our neighborhood.  Three years ago my friend married a childhood friend.  He up and joined the Army needing to find a career and a place to land.  After being in KY for a year, Kacey moved back here for the year while Matt is in Afghanistan.  Let me just say that she has her hands full with 2 little boys under the age of 4.  Needless to say, she is exhausted and I think more than anything worries about Matt and his group of soldiers.

Well, Kacey went out again yesterday to ask one more neighbor and when she asked if this neighbor knew the names on the card, her neighbor told her that it was her daughter and husband that had left that for the.  She had noticed her Army flag while at her mom's house on evening and her mom told of about Kacey and Matt.  They had already decided they wanted to help a military family and so this was who they were going to help.  Now that is what I call a RANDOM ACT Of KINDNESS!!

Can I just say that I think the money was an awesome gift and yes my friend needs the money but it was wonderful to see the renewed hope in her eyes and face tonight.  It was also an awesome teaching moment for our girls about the gift of giving.   I am so happy for her and am so happy that they did this for her, this year, this Christmas! 

Also tonight I went to Walgreens and while there was talking to an employee is so sweet. I had run into her the other night at Good Will.  I was looking for puzzles for Demi to take up to the retirement center where she loves to go to help out with Bingo.  This employee said she had several at home that she would love to give to Demi which I thought was so awesome.  Anyway I left and today was the first time I saw her since then.  She had this huge smile on her face and said to me that some lady at the Goodwill Store had come up to them after I left and gave them 10.00 a piece and said Merry Christmas. 

I wish that whoever gave them the money could see how happy she was telling me the story.  This too is from someone I know could use the money because she has taken in an old friend who has nothing and although that doesn't sound like much, it is everything to those who don't have anything.

I also wish that this neighbor could see how much joy and hope their card and gift has given my friend in a time when times have been tough both emotionally and physically.  She has had so much going on, more than said here so thank you to those who continue to give from your heart.  It really is so sweet if you can do the monetary thing but if not there are still so many ways you can join in the fun and giving. 

I will close by saying that I love my daughter and enjoyed our game night with "just the girls" and love haing Kacey and Alyssa back here in TX.  We had so much fun playing the New Life Game and after playing this game and winning over a MILLION, I think I am going to play the lotto tomorrow after I go to have my blood drawn. 

Have a great Tuesday and remember to hug those you love and let me challenge you to leave someone a nice note/email/card just to say they are loved and appreciated....I will say that there is always more to a person than the outside and you might just be the difference someone needs to keep going.  Start with your family....policemen....trash men who we love to surprise with drinks and snacks....give of your time at a nursing home or retirement home...give of your time with a neighbor....take a meal to a family who you know has gone through tough times or like in my friends case maybe has a loved one away at war...so many things we can do if we just look for the moments and opportunities!


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What AMAZING stories BIT!!! LOVE IT! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)