Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Will Your Christmas Look Like in 2010?

So today in church with our youth, Pastor Blaine asked the kids and leaders what their Christmas would look like.  I thought these were very interesting questions and again it made me think about what Christmas really means and how crazy the holidays have become with Black Friday and sales starting before Thanksgiving.    

1.  What would your centerpiece be at your table? 
2.  Who would be at your table?
3.  What would you serve?
4.  Would you continue or start your family traditions and if so what were your traditions?

I thought these were really great questions and it made me think of a tradition that we do that I didn't mention and it is why we celebrate this holiday and special day, the Birth of Jesus - we sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, candle and all.  Are yours biblical in nature of all about the gifts and shopping?  These questions were to get the kids to think about what is really important during the holidays.  Our faith, family and friends and spending time with them enjoying what gifts we have and should cherish. 

Have you ever thought about the Birth of Jesus, I mean really thought about it?  Where Jesus was born, what He was born in, what He ws kept in, who He was born to and what this miracle really means back then and today.   What will this holiday symbolize in the years to come? 

1.  Born in Bethelem
2.  Born in a barn/manger
3.  Placed and kept in a trough
4.  Born to Mary and Jospeh

I am going to get back to my To Do List this week so that I can get all that I want to do in without forgetting as I sometimes do.  I am excited about this and miss doing the prompt at SIStv that I used to do along with my thankful list which I keep in my Grateful Vase now.  I love this but don't always get them written down like I should or would like to but maybe this prompt will help:-).

Have a magnificant Monday and if you are wanting to fill your cup up you can visit the The Brave Girls Club Blog and also 29 Gifts which is all about giving and doing for 29 days.  I like doing deliberate acts of kindness and that is why I am wanting to get back to my list of things to do.  I love random acts too.  I honestly wish I could do both all day long, I love the feeling it leaves in my heart knowing that I have made someone else's day better.  Most of the time it doesn't take much as you probably know.  Make it great day and live your best life and make it count!!!


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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Beautiful post BIT...we do a birthday cake for Jesus too! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)