Saturday, August 17, 2013

Latest Review on Some Great Books and Blogs ~ Enjoy

As most of you know, I love and enjoy reading.

Here are a few of my new books that I have read and or are reading now.  No judging on how many I have started and plan to read, it is a day by day as to which one I will read :-).

1.  Spirit Hunger by Gari Meacham

2.  Becoming Myself by Stasi Etheridge

3.  Kingdom Woman by Chrystal Evans Hurst

4.  Lifegiving by Tammy Maltby (again)

5.  Circe Maker by Mark Batterson (this is one I pick up to read again and again)

6.  The Book (NIV Bible, it is a must read daily)

7.  Produced by Faith by Devon Franklin (Haven't read this yet because I can't find the book)

8.  ( I am so excited to read her new book, Bread and Wine about getting back to eating and fellowship around the dinner table)

9.  (Blog post that I love and try to live with my daughter)

10.  Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle (This book had my laughing under my breath - motherhood expectations


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