Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Bit Of Our Life Making Lasting Memories

I was reflecting on children and the things that bring them the most joy and happiness along with lasting memories. It is not the expensive clothes or the newest gadgets like Iphones, although these things do bring instant gratification. This summer as I was trying to put together Demi's 13th birthday party with a very limited budget, I had prayed and prayed that it would be a very special weekend and birthday, one she would never forget. Little did I know and often forget as I think about my desires, that our children's desires are so different then ours. JOY comes in ways we never expect if we open our hearts and lives to what we have and not what others have and or are doing. I am reminded daily with my sweet angel that it is the simple things, like spending time together that bring so many smiles and amazing fun that have made lasting memories. I could not have imagined how Demi and her friends would feel after spending the weekend on Kristen Angwin's Landen's End on Grapevine Lake. On the way home, I overheard all 4 girls in the back saying this "this was by far the BEST and MOST FUN birthday party ever. It was an extraordinary weekend spent with family and friends tubing, canoeing, surf boarding, swimming, and eating. When we look for the blessings right in front of us, we will often find that He sprinkles us with EVERYTHING we need to enjoy life together even when we think and worry that it is not enough. It reminds me of one of my favorite childhood memories at my dad's uncle's house in MD on the farm. We woke to the roosters and their cock a doodle doos, shucking corn, milking the cows, waiting for the men to come in to line up their dirty rubber boots in a row while the women prepared dinner so we could all eat on a huge picnic table sharing His blessing of food and family, and topping off an amazing day with homemade ice cream that seemed to take forever to make. #beautifullife



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