Thursday, April 30, 2009

What a beautiful day....

It was a great day today. Do you ever have days when it all goes right? It reminds of the song, "what if it all goes right, what if the stars line up" - this was the kind of day I had. I was off and running today getting donations from local businesses for the teachers at my daughter's school. Every business I went to today was willing to help us out so next week should be a fun and exciting time for our teachers with all of our fun prizes and donations. This is only a portion of what we got today, Laura and Stacy with our PTA were off and running the other direction today. Did I say we have an awesome PTA and our board is so dedicated to the teachers and our children.

Here are a list of companies and restaurants willing to help out, I want to give them a shout out for always willing to help us out once a year!

1. Mr C's Hardware - thanks Jeff and Mark!

2. Half Price Books

3. Apple Annies

4. Antonio's Restaurant - he gave us a gift certificate and then coupon for almost 500 kids to have a free meal. Then he gave me over 75 coupons for a Free Appetizer and or 5.00 off - perfect for anything on the menu . I am so appreciative and humbled by his generiosity.

5. Gerald's garage - free oil changes for 2 - thanks Gerald!

6. Stroud's gym - 2 free memberships - thanks Kirk and Samm!

7. Mi Haciendas - 2 free meals

8. Sonic - free combo's for all the teachers - thanks Mary! - thanks Rich!

9. Chick Fil A - free meal and Rich donates a fruit tray every year

10. Bronco's Restaurant - thanks Ron!

I am probably leaving someone off but again thanks everyone for your continued support of our PTA and our teacher's luncheon every year!! It is wonderful to live in a loving community.

Also I was able to sell enough tickets today/tomorrow to pay for Demi's church camp this summer. Thanks to everyone who bought a ticket. Good luck in winning the 1956 Chevy Bel Air this weekend!!

And the icing on my cake today was a huge box from Julie aka lalscrap with what I thought was going to be a book called The Shack and low and behold, my dear friend threw in a bunch of paper from Cosmo Cricket, hambly and my fav, Sassafras - since we don't have a LSS anymore it is so hard to find these so you can imagine how surprised I was to be holding all of it today. Not only that but there was the cutest trim, pink with ruffles, some heidi swapp and flowers. Julie I have said this before but you are such a loving and giving friend and I feel so blessed to know you! Thank you again from the inside of my heart!
PS - I will pay it forward!!
Now if my 2 interviews will go well, that would be so awesome! They are both great candidates and my client is the nicest man. So I hope for all of them that it goes well and that he wants to hire at least one of them if not both. I would take prayers...thanks in advance!
Hope everyone else had a great day,

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julie said...

love your blog diana! i'm working on one but it is still under construction. i'm taking ka and wilna's class and trying to figure every thing out. but i'm getting there. you are so very welcome for your goodies and thank you for such a nice commpliment. it makes me blush.