Friday, May 1, 2009

TIGF......(Today I am grateful for)

Happy Friday everyone!

I love Friday's and my weekends so I am always happy to see Fridays get here! I also love Spring and what it brings, birds chirping, green grass, beatutiful flowers, children playing outside, kites flying and people walking with their children and pets. What about you, what changes do you see in your life and household? For us it seems that our days are longer so we squeeze in more in a day if that is possible due to the sun staying out longer. But in reality there are the same number of hours so it is ironic how our mind change with something as simple as sunlight can change our days and what we do and accomplish. Isn't that the way it is with life?

So with that I am going to start my day with my grateful list so that I get my day started on a positive note.

**My challenge today because I love opportunities to Pay It Forward is to do one thing today to make someone else's day better - anything, JUST DO IT as nike would say!! I am grateful for Random Acts of Kindness, it really does feel so good on the inside do something small or big to make their day better. I was wonder if my act of kindness will set off a chain of continual acts during the day. I hope so...we are in a time when I think everyone could use some love and something to fill good about even if for a moment.

Today I am grateful for.......

1. Sunshine and more of it
2. My faith, my family and friends
3. God's continues blessings and His protection today
4. My business which I hope will bring in some money soon
5. My home filled with fun, drama, forgiveness, laughter, fun colors and love, God's love.
6. Caffeine
7. Great neighborhood
8. Misc things such as electricity, food, gas, water, a working car, ceiling fans, comfy beds, flannel sheets, downy and good smelling laundry, tp, toothpaste, hot showers, ACs, comfy clothes and shoes, our pool which is lived in the summer, companies willing to work with me when not able to pay my bills on time and our pooch
9. Candles and room refreshner
10. Music
11. Pictures and cameras - the ability and desire to capture life
12. Our good health - such a blessing with no insurance
13. HOPE, hope that many will feel God's love, the economy will turn around soon and the swine flu will be gone soon
14.NSD - looking forward to some fun things at SIStv this weekend!

Bible verse for today: The generous soul will be made rich - Proverbs 11:25

So be a generous soul today, develop a "generous eye" - make a choice today to find someone who could use a prayer, a hug and knowing that someone does care!!

I will be back today to post some pics and layouts and I am determined to figure out more of how to bling this blog....DETERMINATION WILL AND CAN TAKE YOU A LONG WAY!!

**Okay so I talked with 2 of my bestest friends from jr high school this week/today and realized how blessed I am to still have them in our lives...Carla is a wonderful Christian lady who is such a proud mom. It is hard to believe that after next year she will have an empty house when her one and only dd leaves for college. This weekend she is in Wyoming/Montana where her youngest son is competing in a rodeo in bulldogging and team roping - doesnt that sound like fun? I am going to make sure we start visiting more often then we do instead of once a year on our Girls Night Out. Are you like that with your good friends? I just love this woman and am so glad we are still great friends - she was one of the first friends I had when I moved here in 1977 when we were only 14 or 15 yrs old. She is the one with the black cross on. Isn't she beautiful? Then my friend Holli is in the pink shirt/brunette hair, another friend that I have known since moving here. She is also a beautiful woman who has 2 great children, her first about to graduate. Anyway I posted some additional pics of Demi for Carla to see today while she is out of town. This is Demi going to her first daddy daughter valentine dance with our friend Tim. His dd Savanna and Demi are friends from church, I was so appreciative that he asked her to go. She has so much fun!

Have a happy day and make it a great day!



julie said...

what a beautiful post!!!
and i am determined to bling my blog too! lol!!

have agreat weekend and i will see you at SIS.


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Anonymous said...

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