Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pay it Forward on Thursdays - Random Ideas

I am all about making the world a better place and love that we can each do our part everyday with little things.

Some of my favorite random acts of kindness are:

1. Trim my neighbors bushes
2. Take sonic drinks to my dd teacher's on Fridays
3. Offer to go to Sonic for our school office staff so they have drinks as well...they love it by the way..
4. Twice a week we treat our trashman to drinks and snacks...we miss our good friends who had this route for a couple of years but love making them feel special..I am really appreciative of what they do every week. Plus when it is 95 plus, the drinks go a long way!
5. Random love notes left around house for dd
6. Serve in any way needed at church if available
7. Leave messages for girls on the bathroom mirrors - they love this!
8. Buy the person behind me their meal going through the drive through - I did this once and my next door neighbor was behind me - that was really fun!
9. Bake treats for teachers and staffs
10. Wash towells and wash rags from school every week - this is small but so needed!
11. Let folks go in front me in stores if they have a small load and I am not in a hurry
12. Take carts back to the rack they belong and also offer to help the elderly when I can
13. babysit...(our home as become a daycare the last couple of years but I love it and can since I work from home)
14. Back up sitter
15. Take pictures for many many...I also love this!
16. Scrapbooks all year for gifts
17. Smile - this is really such a simple thing to do and doesn't cost a thing!

I am sure there are more but this is all I can think of now. I am off to look at a blog where I know there are many more great ideas that I will share with you shortly.

I want to come up with some fun ways to Pay It Forward and would love to hear your suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your suggestions!

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Ninja Budgeter said...

I like paying for a coffee for the car behind me at the drive-thru. Every little bit of kindness helps!