Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8 ~ The Gift of A Message.....

Sorry for the late prompt tonight for Day 8.  We have been trying to get ready for the snow and possible blizzard tomorrow.  I love Texas but we have the craziest weather here! Tomorrow we are celebrating my mom's 71st birthday if the weather isn't too bad.  I am looking forward to another family day to watch some football and just hang out.  We also have to get Demi ready for another MAPS Science Test on Tuesday.  I don't know if you have these tests along with TAKS but they seem to be every week which I really don't care for and wish they would go away. 

So tonight I will leave my sweet daughter a mirror message.  She loves them and I love leaving them.  You can also leave a message on a glass door, under the pillow and or anywhere you think would be fun and make your loved ones feel special.  One night a few years back I cut out lots of hearts and hung them all over the house with ribbon.  That was fun and a big hit. 

So what would be fun for tomorrow??  Any ideas??? 

I will be back in the am with another prompt and to give you an update on our weather.  It could be a fun day for the kiddos if we get the 6 inches they are predicting.  Sleep well and sweet dreams.


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