Thursday, September 12, 2013

Blessed....the beginning and end ~

It has been a great day full of all of His blessings, need nothing more because everything I have is just enough.

Hoping you know you are loved and that you matter.  Remember that your greatest passion and message in life will come from your greatest challenges and pain.  Don't ask why but thank Him for loving us and for the grace to LIVE BIG while being forgiven and embracing the POWER to make this life matter today.

Everyday is a gift and when you have a grateful heart for everything, we often see life through new eyes.  This is the first day of your life.  Thankful for being here and in this moment and BEING PRESENT in the midst of being whipped after a long day with my daughter.  Learning to enjoy it all, the conversations in the car, breakfast together, and being at home to do her hair and tuck her in.  Time to honor her and make her feel special and love her for her being who she is just as she is today.

Have a great Friday enjoying each breath, prayer, and the seed you are given to plant.  Don't forget to water it and bring it sunshine.  Open yourselves to be loved and see the amazing things that God has in store for you.  You are the link between the good and those who are broken and remember to empower and encourage others with His love and LOVE Him just because He loves us.


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