Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dreaming and Expecting To Have a Huge IMPACT ~

God says to pray and envision His plan and I am ALL IN and READY to go, so excited about sharing His love and grace as we continue to BELIEVE what is around the corner for us is so much better then I could have dreamed up for myself.  It always is and I have watched so many lives changed and prayers answered for those who are hanging onto whatever they can, now and this moment.  Praying that whatever is ahead that my life and what I do, say, and share has a huge IMPACT for His kingdom and that others are lead and excited about finding out more of what FAITH is really about and using that to live a life of truth, joy, and love that only He can bring.

Just sitting here and writing about Our Story brings a smile and feeling of LOVE that is indescribable.  What is really AMAZING is that opening ourselves up to receive His love and knowing that I/WE Matter is all we need and that is sufficient enough.  Whatever else comes will be whipped cream and sprinkles

Hope you have a great and exciting week full of everything that is good and true from above.  I pray you will share your life with someone who could benefit from your experiences and know that there is HOPE when life serves up the unexpected.  YOU MATTER 2 ME!!!


BiT (Diana) 

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